What a fuckin’ bad day. Someone on Facebook and Twitter is apparently teasing me with words I wouldn’t like to use. He is also a current classmate of mine. He got mad for being kicked from our in-game guild. He started bashing me on Facebook first, then headed to Twitter when he found out that I tweeted stuff to indirectly bash him. The reason he got kicked is because I reported him to our guild leader, for botting. Botting is a form of gaming which lets the computer or AI to play for you, so that you don’t have to work hard for in-game stuff. He used a program that lets you bot in-game, and he’s been telling it to us for weeks. He finally reached level 50, which was also my level. I decided that once he reaches my level, I’d report him to the guild leader because he was playing the game in an unfair way. He just made his account last month, and it took me years to get to level 50 myself. When I finally reported him, he started bashing me on Facebook (and Twitter) to seemingly get back at me. Well, it’s not my fault he bots. Lesson: don’t be an immature fuck. Please. Nobody asks for your shit. Absorb it ‘cause you know you made a mistake you know you shouldn’t make.


So I’m gonna stop after this: Paramore is a band.

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“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” ― Anne Lamott

I sometimes worry about vent comics involving people I no longer associate with, but that quote pushes me through to share every time. Hey, someone might see my vent comic and realize they’re being treated pretty crappy too. 

It’s actually pretty hilarious that sometimes the people that talk the most about being stabbed in the back are the ones that make super light of it when they’re holding the knife. But I guess we all justify our own actions.

Vague blogging, group manipulation, guilting with the most ridiculous sob stories (many of which contradicting each other)— The past couple months involved putting up with a lot of that. And while it does get under the skin at first, you end up getting used to it, expecting of it. And it becomes no more a hassle than an ant crawling on your arm. flick it off and carry on, right?

Patterns emerge once you deal with a certain amount of people. A lot of the time you’ll see people you just met using the exact methods as old toxic people you knew in the past. flick early to prevent too many ants crawling at once I guess. 

One request for OM&M

First of all, I have nothing negative to say about anything that has to do with OM&M, besides what I’m writing about here in this blog. I don’t care that he doesn’t know a lot of the right words in the songs while performing, or sings half of my parts I made up wrong, or adds on to the…


I feel the cosmos


"…and they said no"

"Fish fingers and custard."


i feel so weird saying my own name

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Austin Carlile in Would You Still Be There 

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